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11/15/2002 How this whole place works
  The site was last updated on 11/8/2002 10:32:07 PM with Isabel and Steven. Click on the link to read the article.

So you've shown up at and now you're looking around and trying to figure out how this whole things works.  Here's a quick overview.

How to move around.  You navigate through the site with the links on the left hand side of the screen.  Most people want to find out the latest developments.  These are found in the "News" section of the site.  The screen will display the 5 latest updates to the database.  If you want to see earlier entries you will have to click on the link at the bottom of the news page.  The five entries will be condensed to blurbs, so if the entry interests you, click on the more link to read the whole thing.

"About" is the page with my disclaimer.  Read it before you get all bent out of shape.  Read it again after you get all bent out of shape.  Then sit down and relax.  Life is too short to get bent out of shape.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  This is where you go to find out the answers to questions we've heard a million times. (OK, more than 6 times)

Links are the various places that I have found wandering around this Big Ol' web.  Some of the links are funny, some are weird, some are geeky.  All are interesting (to me at least).

Enjoy your time with us 

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